You are moving, but you want more.


You want: Faster times. “To reach my potential.” To love this sport again. “To finally reach my goal.”  More speed. More success.  Freedom.  Passion.  Meaning.  Joy.  Strength.  Confidence.  Peace.  “To understand why I spend so much time and energy doing this.”

But you don’t always know how to get over the hard spots like training that just isn’t going as expected, injury, or the struggle of trying to get to the next level and reach goals you’ve set before you. And you don’t always know how to find the meaning or purpose you desire from your movement.

E Saul Movement is a unique approach to unlocking your athletic, fitness, and movement potential by dissolving mental barriers, building mental skills & strength, and accessing the powerful connection between your mind and body.

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Learn what makes Emily Saul, founder of E Saul Movement, so passionate about sport psychology coaching, and read how she has helped unlock potential for athletes like you.

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You deserve to be wholly satisfied with your life as an athlete and a human being. The Whole Athlete-Human Blog aims to help you powerfully connect your mind and body, as a whole athlete and human.