Why E Saul Movement?

So many of us use fitness, sport, and movement to improve our quality of life. The reasons vary. We want to be healthier, achieve physical goals, counter-balance life’s responsibilities, chase adventure, or just experience playfulness and joy.

If you’re nodding your head in agreement, then you’re already on the right track. But do you sometimes find yourself stuck?  Do you sometimes wish for more?

You want: Faster times. “To reach my potential.” To love this sport again. “To finally reach my goal.”  More speed. More success.  Freedom.  Passion.  Meaning.  Joy.  Strength.  Confidence.  Peace.  “To understand why I spend so much time and energy doing this.”

While a physical practice has the potential to offer great rewards, you also often get in your own way, despite your best intentions, which results in getting less out of it than you want. 

You find yourself living too much “in your own head” and end up in cycles of frustration, lacking confidence, or doubting your potential.  Other times you carry out your practice routinely and mindlessly, while feeling unmotivated, uninspired, bored, or unfulfilled. You might see your intentions get blurry or feel your goals slip “out of reach.”

You don’t always know how to get over the hard spots like training that just isn’t going as expected, injury, or the struggle of trying to get to the next level and reach goals you’ve set before you. And you don’t always know how to find the meaning or purpose you desire from your movement.

In this place, it’s hard to cultivate and experience the full potential you have within you. 

E Saul Movement is a unique approach to unlocking your athletic, fitness, and movement potential by dissolving mental barriers, building mental skills & strength, and finding the powerful connection between mind and body. We offer a style of sport psychology coaching, grounded in clinical psychology, all focused on physical movement as the tool for sparking forward movement in all aspects of your life.

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