Becoming a Whole Athlete-Human

There’s a problem with Psychology. 

Psychology has been around for a long time, and has most often served to help alleviate the suffering of human kind that is experienced in the form of mental disorder and dysfunction.  It has been incredibly helpful in providing a context and an explanation for painful & distressing symptoms, while also offering a guide for healing or reducing the suffering from such symptoms. 

I value traditional, clinical psychology because mental health is an essential branch of human well-being.  But here’s the problem: because it often focuses exclusively on the removal of negative symptoms to return people back to their “baseline” level of functioning, it almost completely misses the opportunity to elevate people beyond their former “baseline” to a richer, more satisfying, more productive and effective, fuller experience of life—to a new “baseline.” 

But what else is there, besides psychology?

I believe everyone is capable of experiencing more positivity, optimism, potential, and possibility in their lives, which is possible through the cultivation of skills, practices, and perspective focused on in the field of Positive Psychology.  Rather than only alleviate negative symptoms, imagine what the experience of life would be like with more positive “symptoms” that foster greater confidence, competence, and the ability to manage stress and perform in challenging situations.  Imagine what it would feel like to eagerly lock into the opportunities in difficult moments rather than feel burdened by the risks.  Imagine believing in who you can be as an athlete and confidently accessing the mindset to most effectively move you, step-by-step, in that direction.

Sport psychology is the application of Positive Psychology to athletes, to cultivate and develop the mental strength, skills, and overall mindset with as much intention and care as they typically put into developing physical skills, sport technique, and overall athleticism. 

Most people don’t realize that positive psychology is for all people. 

My response: I believe that every human being would benefit from the support and applicable resources of mental health professionals – but that most of us won’t go for counseling/therapy unless we are “broken” or there’s something definitely wrong with us.  This is just like never getting a regular medical check-up, and instead only going to the medical doctor when we are definitely ill or have an injury that prevents us from doing our day-to-day life.  This model means we miss out on the benefits of preventative and health-promoting opportunities (both physically and mentally), that could create a more positive, enjoyable, and fulfilling life.  Positive psychology is not only about fixing what’s not working, it is also about optimizing what does work, and maximizing what we’re capable of as human beings. 

Most athletes don’t realize that sport psychology is for all athletes. 

My response: most athletes who have heard of sport psychology incorrectly think that it’s reserved only for the “elite athletes” who are competing for Olympic medals or on professional teams.  And even those athletes might only seek out sport psychology support when they’re in a “slump,” when they’re under-performing, or if there’s something clearly wrong with them (which is just like what happens with traditional psychology).  Yet, every single athlete who enjoys their sport or movement of choice has potential to go above and beyond their “baseline.”  You don’t need to be the one and only runner who breaks the winner’s tape at a race to benefit from racing smarter, racing with more confidence, and to be more mentally prepared for your race. There are only a few elites in any sport, but there’s an ocean of other athletes in those sports who love what they do, and who could also be getting so much more from their sport experiences, both in the quality of how they train/compete and in how much they enjoy the process.  Sport psychology is for every athlete who values training their whole selves—body and mind—for their sport.  

E Saul Movement is something new.  I bring the expertise and professional credentials in psychology of a mental health counselor, as well as the experience and professional credentials in positive & sport psychology to offer a unique service to athletes.  Who you are “as a human” and “as an athlete” are inseparable, and E Saul Movement is prepared to understand your needs and goals as a whole athlete-human, and help to cultivate growth that allows you to play, work, train, compete, and simply live to your potential.

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