Becoming a Whole Athlete-Human

Most people don’t realize that positive psychology is for all people. 

Most athletes don’t realize that sport psychology is for all athletes. 

I bring the expertise and professional credentials in psychology of a mental health counselor, as well as the experience and professional credentials in positive & sport psychology to offer a unique service to athletes.  Who you are “as a human” and “as an athlete” are inseparable, and E Saul Movement is prepared to understand your needs and goals as a whole athlete-human, and help to cultivate growth that allows you to play, work, train, compete, and simply live to your potential.

Emily's Story: Growth Through Movement

Eventually, my sport became the lens through which everything in life made sense. And when hard things happened and the challenges of life presented themselves, there was always some sense I could make of things by reflecting on what I had learned in rowing.